Welcome to my practice. I have always had an interest in helping others and enjoy getting to know people and learning about all of the factors that make each person different. I also enjoyed learning about the change process over the lifespan and how each person adapts to the challenges or life-changing course of events in their lives.

It is greatly rewarding to watch people take charge of their lives in the ways they are able to create better relationships and life satisfaction. No matter what the circumstances, I always seek the hope and light that can turn things around.

I work with people both in-person, and when favorable, through audio-visual Telehealth. Fortunately, Telehealth has improved greatly over the past few years both in terms of quality and security.

I opened my Beachwood office Jan. 1, 2011. Since then, I have been able to address a wide range of concerns. 

My graduate degree is from John Carroll University.

I am happy to be of service to others in my community, the Greater Cleveland area, and Ohio.